Room Information for Level 2 (MSCS)

Level 2 floor map of MSCS building.


Staff offices

232 - Machine Room

This secure room contains departmental computer systems.

233 - Hardware Workshop

This is where broken tech' goes for repair.

234 - Computer Vision Teaching and research lab

The Computer Vision teaching and research lab. Phone extension 8211

235, 239-242, 244 - Teaching and Tutorial spaces

243 - Bookable Software Engineering project room

Project room for 1st and 2nd Pro Software engineering students.

247 - Dr Richard Green

The office of Dr Richard Green.

246 - Storeroom

Stuff is stored here.

247 - Dr Neville Churcher

The office of Dr Neville Churcher.

248 - Computer workroom

This a general computer workroom managed by Central ICTS.