Room Information for Erskine Level 3

Level 3 floor map of Erskine building.

Large Meeting Room 315

T: 7870
A place where staff, research groups, or informal student groups can meet. Can also be used for formal bookings.

Meeting Room 325

T: 7872
Equipped with standard lab workstations, this room is used mainly by tutors and programmers for course work (e.g. evaluation, preparation, testing, marking, etc.).

332 - Postgrad Lab

T: 7873

333 - Postgrad Lab

T: 7874

334 - Postgraduate Resource Room

Contains student resources: Including but not limited to Pg student pigeon-holes, printer, photocopier and guillotine.

340 - 400-Level Hot Seating

T: 7757

341 - Postgraduate Lab

T: 7875
Used by Masters and Honours students doing course work.

342 - Postgraduate Lab

T: 7756

343 - Networks and Simulations Lab

T: 7876
Used by Dr Krzysztof Pawlikowski's research group, studying Networks and Simulation Systems.

344 - Human-Computer Interfaces (HCI) Lab

T: 7755
Used by Dr Andy Cockburn's group researching into Human-Computer Interfaces.

345 - Usability Study Room

T: 7877
Human computer interaction research workroom.

346 - Intelligent Tutoring Systems Lab (ICTG)

T: 7738
Used by Dr Antonija Mitrovic's group researching into intelligent tutoring systems.

347 - 400-Level Hot Seating

T: 7878