*Information for Prospective Students for DS group (aka Cybersecurity Lab.)*

Please read carefully in order to be a member of my research groups.

0) If you are undergraduate students at UC.
You are always welcome to come by my office (Erskine 304) to chat with me :)

1) To be a postgraduate (PG) student.

- Before you could begin a PG study here (as a masters or Ph.D. student), you would need to be formally accepted as a PG student at our university. Information about the enrollment procedure at our university, the academic and English language entry criteria, application forms etc. can be found at: http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/enrol/postgraduate/

Information about UC's scholarships for PG students can be found at:


*Please note that I cannot provide any funding for you unless I have external fundings.

2) To be a PG student under my supervision

- Before making any statement about me being your supervisor, I first need to get the following information:

Please MERGE the following documents into ONE Single PDF file and email to dongseong [dot] kim [at] canterbury [dot] ac [dot] nz.

I. Your C.V. (resume)

II. English Language Test score (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.) - you should meet the minimum requirement of UC.

English requirements

III. Academic transcript(s), GPA (grade-point-average) and rank in your class/department; Example 1: GPA 3 out of 4.3, Example 2: 4 out of 4.

IV. Published (or accepted) papers (journal papers, papers in conference proceedings, technical reports, etc) if any.

V. Funding plan (self, government, external, etc).

This should be clearly mentioned in your information. I do not usually fund PG students and note that it is highly unlikely to get any UC scholarships unless your overall GPA (in MSc) is A+.
For Ph.D. students, if your GPA is higher than A (rarely B+) in overall and you have research experiences and publications, you might be able to get a tuition waiver only from the Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) at UC.

VI. Your research interest: please state it as specific as possible.

You may send a one-page short proposal (with references, references section is separate). I am generally interested in "REASSURE" (REliability, Availability, Security, SUrvivability and REsiliency) quantification and enhancement of a variety of systems and networks.
- Blockchain and its applictions/security. - Edge and Fog Computing - Deep Learning - Intrusion Prevention, Detection, Tolerance (survivability, resiliency), and Response techniques and systems
- Security and Dependability of Cloud computing and Virtualized Data centers
- Security and survivability for critical infrastructures (cyber physical systems, e.g., Smart Grid, water distribution, SCADA, independancy analysis)
- Security modeling and Analysis using analytic models, simulation, and controlled experiments
- Security and dependability (Reliability/availability) for wireless ad hoc and sensor networks

I am open to work/collaborate with any other topics not mentioned above, we can discuss possibilities if topics are interesting.

More information on my research w.r.t sub-topics is at: here


last update: July, 2014.