Greg's Object-Oriented Framework for the Macintosh

Goof is an object-oriented application development framework for Think Pascal. It resembles a cut-down version of MacApp. Although it doesn't do everything that MacApp or TCL or PowerPlant will do, it does most of the important things, and it's much smaller.

There are two versions here. Goof 0.62 comes with a tutorial and reference manual and some example code, but is several years old. Goof 0.7 is more recent and incorporates several improvements, but the manual has not been updated to match.

Goof0.62.sea.hqx (217747 bytes)

Goof0.7-21-Nov-96.sit.hqx (53034 bytes) Framework source only. Also download Goof 0.62 for documentation and example code.



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