Greg's Pamphlet Folding Machine

Prototype 2

Shortly after completing the first prototype, I had an idea for a radical re-design that would make the mechanism much simpler and solve various problems with the first design.

The biggest advantage of this design is that both folds are made automatically in one pass through the machine. The paper is fed through sideways and folded by two flaps which rise up on either side. Other advantages include the fact that the paper path is straight through, with no need to double the folded papers back underneath for stacking; and the crease is formed from one end to the other instead of all at once, allowing a smoother action and making it easier to get a good crease with relatively light pressure.

A disadvantage is that the amount of grip achievable between the paper and the centre feed roller is limited, with the result that if very glossy paper is fed through the prototype machine, it tends to slip after folding. Whether this will be a significant problem on the full-scale machine remains to be seen.

General View

Folding Mechanism

Output Stacker


Action Sequence

Folding Movie

Stacker Movie