class layout.Row(Widget)

A Row is a container widget that arranges its contents in a horizontal row. In an OpenGL window, it may contain 3D subwidgets.

Note: The layout is only performed when the widget is initially created; it is not updated if you add or remove widgets later or change their sizes.


Row(items, align = 'c', spacing = 10, width = None, expand = None)

The widgets in items are added as subwidgets and arranged horizontally with spacing pixels between. Vertical alignment is controlled by align, which is one of 't', 'c' or 'b' for top, centre or bottom.

If a width is specified, then expand may be a widget or an index into the items, and the specified widget has its width adjusted to fill the remaining space. Otherwise, the initial size of the Row is calculated from its contents.

If equalize contains 'h', the heights of all the items are made equal to the tallest one, and 'tb' is added to their anchor properties. If equalize contains 'w', the widths of all the items are made equal to the widest one.