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Microsoft Imagine

Go to the CSSE Microsoft Imagine Storefront...

  • Accounts have been created for students known to be enrolled in CSSE papers (and ONLY CSSE papers) in 2016.
    NOTE: Enrolment details are only released to us after enrolment is completed and not before a fortnight before the commencement of the paper.  It also takes at least one week to process new enrolments.  Therefore...
    • If you have just enrolled, please wait a week before contacting CSSE Support.
    • If you have only enrolled in a Semester two paper you will not have an account in Microsoft Imagine/ELMS until July.
  • Eligible students will have been sent an email from Microsoft Imagine containing account details.  If you can not find this email you can retrieve your details from the Microsoft Imagine site (your user account is your UC email address, e.g. abc987@uclive.ac.nz).
  • If a student withdraws from all CSSE papers then in compliance with the Microsoft Imagine subscription the associated user accounts will also be removed from Microsoft Imagine.
  • Accounts will expire at
    • The time that you are no longer enrolled in any eligible CSSE papaers.
    • The the end of each calendar year, 31 December.

    Whichever comes sooner.  This is to comply with the terms of our subscription.  However, the license to continue using any software titles downloaded, is dependant on the EULA for the particular software title, as set out by Microsoft.

  • MAKE A COPY OF YOUR PRODUCT KEYS, they can not be retrieved after your account expires. 
  • MAKE A COPY OF YOUR DOWNLOADED SOFWARE, it can not be retrieved after your account is removed or expires.
  • Support for Microsoft Imagine by CSSE department staff is extremely limited and is completely suspended at the end of Semester two.
  • CSSE support staff DO NOT PROVIDE SUPPORT for any of the products downloaded from the Microsoft Imagine site.  For product support you should refer to the Microsoft help for that product.

If you require further information please contact msdnaa@cosc.canterbury.ac.nz.  All correspondence must be via standard UC email address.

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