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Krzysztof Pawlikowski

Professor Emeritus


Ph.D. (Distinction) in Computer Engineering and
M.E. in Electronic Engineering, from Gdansk University of Technology, Poland.


Erskine Building  Room 301

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Phone: +64 27 2244 6075
Fax: +64 3 364 2569
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Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering,
College of Engineering,
University of Canterbury,
Private Bag 4800,
Christchurch 8140,
New Zealand.


Prof. Pawlikowski's current research interests are in the area of quantitative discrete-event simulation, and its applications in performance modelling and evaluation of telecommunication networks (including the Internet and social networks) in their current and future versions, by means of automated quantitative stochastic simulation. One of goals is to extend the functionality of Akaroa2, a unique controller of quantitative stochastic simulation, designed by our Simulation Research Group.

Possible topics of research projects at PhD, Master and Honours level include, for example:

  • new sequential estimators for automated output data analysis during MRIP (Multiple Replications in Parallel) simulation;
  • comparative studies of sequential estimators of mean values during steady-state simulation;
  • sequential estimators of quantiles during steady-state simulation;
  • sequentatial quantitative simulation of rare events;
  • MRIP simulation and Variance Reduction;
  • sequential analysis of heavy-tailed data and/or data from self-similar processes during steady-state simulation;
  • Akaroa2 as an automated controller of distributed quantitative dscrete-event simulation.


Professor K. Pawlikowski graduated from Technical University of Gdansk, Poland, with a Ph.D. (Distinction) in Computer Engineering, and was a member of academic staff there until 1984. He has been an academic member of staff in the Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand since September 1984. Alexander-von-Humboldt Fellow at the Goethe University of Frankfurt an Main and at RWTH University in Aachen (1983/1994) and at Technical University of Berlin (1999). In 2014, he was awarded a title of Professor Emeritus by the Council of the University of Canterbury. As a Visiting Professor he gave lectures for postgraduate research students in Australia (University of New South Wales in Sydney, 2001), in Austria (University of Vienna in 2009) in Germany (RWTH University in Aachen in 2002 and 2006, Technical University of Berlin in 2004 and 2006, University of Wuerzburg in 2009) in Italy (University of Genova in 2002, Technical University of Torino in 2000 and 2006) and in Sweden (Blekinge Institute of Technology in 2013).
Full list of visiting appointments
Prof. Pawlikowski gave over 170 invited lectures and seminar talks at over 100 universities and research institutions in New Zealand and Asia (Israel, Jordan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and Vietnam), Australia , Europe (Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and UK) and North America (Canada and USA), as well as keynote speeches, invited talks and tutorials at international conferences around the world.
He is the author or co-author of over 190 peer-reviewed research publications, including 4 books on computer networks. Chairman or TPC Chair of a dozen of international conferences, member of technical program committees of over 110 international conferences. Currently responsible for organizing ITNAC'2016 (International Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference, Dunedin, New Zealand, Dec. 2016) . Technical editor of IEEE Network Magazine (1990-2000) and Int. J. of Communication Networks (Wiley; 2005-2006). At the University of Canterbury, co-founder of the Research Centre on Network Protocols, Distributed Processing and Simulation consisting of: with members from Computer Science, Management, and Electrical & Computer Engineering.
He is the leader of
  • an on-going research project Akaroa2 on distributed stochastic simulation (its first design, an automated controller of MRIP simulation, named Akaroa, received an international commendation in Science category in the Computerworld Smithsonian Award, USA , in 1993, as the first full scale implementation of the concept of grid processing, and its documnetation is kept in archives of the Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washington D.C. ) and
  • a project on PlanetLab NZ, on national experimental networking infrastructure within global experimental networking infrastructure/testbed PlanetLab.

List of Publications until April 2013

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