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Stellar Achievements of a CSSE Graduate

Kiyoyuki Nakagaki at work


Kiyoyuki Nakagaki completed his double major in Computer Science and Mathematics and 2005, and the B.Sc (Hons) degree in 2006 in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering.  He achieved outstanding results during his undergraduate and postgraduate studies. His Honours research project outcomes were published in a reputed IEEE journal, IEEE Signal Processing Letters

Kiyoyuki started work at Weta Digital as a member of the MARI* software development team, and was appointed as a senior software developer in 2010. In 2011, Kiyoyuki was appointed as a senior software engineer at The Foundry Visionmongers Ltd which now co-develops MARI with Weta Digital.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has recognized MARI's contribution to film production and awarded the Scientific and Engineering Award to MARI's engineering team, Jack Greasley, Kiyoyuki Nakagaki, Duncan Hopkins and Carl Rand at the 88th Scientific & Technical Awards ceremony held on the 13th of February, 2016.

For more information on the Academy Award for the MARI team, please see this article.

As mentioned in the above article, another outstanding Honours student, Marcus Schoo who graduated in the same year as Kiyoyuki,  also contributed significantly to the development of the MARI software.

*MARI is a 3D texture painting application capable of handling a large number of high resolution textures. As computer-generated imagery (CGI) has become very important in film production, the ever increasing need for photo-realism and details with dynamic camera movement in feature films have created strong demands for production of large texture sets. MARI scales very well with such large data set and has been adopted widely across film and VFX production studios all over the world.

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