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Aaron Stockdill Receives Freemasons University Scholarship

University of Canterbury Freemason University Scholarship awardees - Aaron standing front right


Aaron Stockdill, a CSSE Honours student, has received the prestigious Freemasons University Scholarship. He was awarded $6,000 for his academic performance and his service to the community.

To be eligible for a Freemasons Scholarship, you must be an A-grade student, have a proven record of service to your community, and be in the final stages of a university or postgraduate degree.

Aaron has been a very high-performing student in the department. He is currently doing his last year of BSc Honours. Aaron is doing his research in the Artificial Intelligence Research Group. His research project is in the area of Machine Learning, more specifically Neuromorphic Computing with Reservoir Neural Networks.

Aaron is closely involved in the University of Canterbury’s Computer Society and Mathematics Society, both as a committee member and a participant of both societies’ events and tutorials..

Already a recipient of several New Zealand scholarships, in late 2015 Aaron was awarded a summer research scholarship at Australian National University in Canberra.

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