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Teams do well in International Collegiate Programming Contest



Saturday was the ACM ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest) Divisional Contest, with 70 teams from the South Pacific competing. There were 12 teams from NZ, 5 from Fiji, and 53 from Australia. Canterbury fielded four teams, one third of the NZ contingent, and excelled!

  1. Team PSPACEcreated (Ray Chen, Michael Trotter, Matthew Aitchison) came top of NZ and 5th in the whole region, solving 9 of the 12 problems.
  2. Team 'the cake is a lie' (Victor Wang, Logan Glasson, Andrew Leach) were right behind, coming 2nd in NZ and 6th in the region, also solving 9 problems.
  3. Team Fork Bomb (Abel Svoboda, Peter Galloway and Liam Diprose) solved 6 problems, coming 4th in NZ.
  4. Team Pickles2 (Amanda Deacon, Claire Barnaby and Thomas Morrison) solved 5 problems and were 6th in NZ.

So our teams took 4 of the top 6 NZ places, including the top 2, firmly reestablishing University of Canterbury as the top NZ University :-)

Teams PSPACEcreated and 'the cake is a lie' have both won positions in the Regional Finals, to be held in Sydney at the end of November.

Well done all!

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