Computer Science and
     Software Engineering

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Qualifications Available

Higher Degrees in Computer Science

Honours Degree

B.Sc. (Hons) and B.Com. (Hons)

The Honours programme is intended for academically strong candidates with good grade point averages and consists of a specially selected undergraduate programme together with a fourth year spent solely within your majoring department. A good honours degree can lead to Ph.D. study with no intervening Master’s thesis.

Master's Degree

M.Sc. and M.Com.

A Master of Science or Master of Commerce course consists of one year of advanced Computer Science courses, followed by a thesis.



A full-time Ph.D. course requires a minimum period of enrolment of two years. The time is spent doing research which leads to the presentation of a thesis embodying the results of individual research or development work. Part-time enrolment is possible but is subject to special regulations.

Postgrad Diploma

Dip. Sci.

A Postgraduate Diploma in Science course consists of one year of advanced Computer Science papers; no thesis is required. This degree may, for example, be pursued by students who wish to upgrade their professional skills and employability.

What a postgraduate or honours degree in computer science can do for you

Graduate study beyond the diploma level emphasizes the exploration of new ideas, as well as putting what you have learned into context and typically requires a much higher degree of initiative and self reliance than an undergraduate degree.

B.Sc.(Hons) and M.Sc. degrees are often pursued to give graduates better professional qualifications, but the main purpose of study at the Ph.D. level is to prepare for careers in research and development. However, postgraduate degrees are increasingly in demand for the software industry, with one local software company writing: “All of our Software Engineers hold Postgraduate qualifications... Our four PhDs are testament to our emphasis on recruiting the best candidates available.”