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Aaron Stockdill

The AI revolution has already happened – the machines are in your computer, your phone, your car...

Aaron is studying towards a Honours degree in the field of Neuromorphic Computing under the supervision of Dr. Kourosh Neshatian within the Artificial Intelligence Research Lab. His thesis is titled "Neuromorphic Computing with Reservoir Neural Networks on Memristive Hardware".

Research Interests

I'm interested in the fundamental problems in artificial intelligence and machine learning, in particular the lower bound of what makes something intelligent and able to learn, or the upper bound of what superintelligence looks like. I also have strong interests in making computing accessible, and I believe that AI is the best way to make that happen. By making the interaction a dialog, AI can make using a computer as easy as talking, opening new paths to communication, education, and almost any other field imaginable.


Academic History

  • 2016: Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computer Science
  • 2013-2015: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics

In 2017 I will be heading to the UK to study for a PhD at Cambridge University.

Contact Details


Room: Erskine 344