Photo of Joshua Leung

Joshua Leung

Bringing clarity and efficiency to complex domains

Joshua is studying towards a PhD degree under the supervision of Prof. Tim Bell and Prof. Andy Cockburn within the Human-Computer Interaction and Multimedia Lab. His thesis is titled "Analysing and Comparing Interactive Highlighting Techniques Using Measures of Noticability and Distraction".

Research Interests

  • Novice to Expert Transition
  • Natural and Fluid Interfaces for Creative Expression
  • Character Animation Tools
  • Animation Systems
  • Multi-Threaded Dependency Graphs
  • Highlighting Techniques
  • Pen-Based Interfaces
  • Information Visualisation
  • Simulation and Modelling
  • Computer Composed Music
  • Computational Photography
  • UI Frameworks

Personal Interests

Outside of my research work, I’m a keen photographer (with interests in macro, sunsets, and architecture in particular) and avid bird watcher. I also enjoy improvising on the violin.

Academic History

2006: DipABRSM Violin Performance

2007: LTCL (Distinction) Violin Recital

2008: FTCL Violin Recital

2009-2012: Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours, University of Canterbury

2013-present: PhD in Computer Science, University of Canterbury


Professional History

2006-present: Core developer and maintainer of animation system/tools, Blender Foundation

2009: Developer (Non-Linear Animation), Google Summer of Code

2010: Developer (Bullet Rigid Body Physics Integration), Google Summer of Code

2011: Developer (Animation Tools Development), Google Summer of Code

Summer 2011-2012: Researcher at MARS Bioimaging/HitLab NZ (UC Summer Scholarship)

2012: Mentor, Google Summer of Code

2013: Researcher (Dependency Graph and Evaluation System), Google Summer of Code

2013-2016: Tutor (SENG301 – Software Engineering, COSC368 – Humans and Computers, COSC121), University of Canterbury

Contact Details


Room: Erskine 344

Ext: 7755