Resource Limits for COSC Undergraduates

In general, resource limits are enforced by providing a quota or by charging students.

CSSE Linux Accounts

The following resources are limited in some way:

  • Disk space:
    Each account has a disk space quota that cannot be exceeded. The CSSE Gnome environment has a COSC menu option for reporting on how much of an account's disk quota is used up. Linux users can also use the command:
    `quota -v'
    Once an account's quota is exhausted, or the disk containing an account's files fills up, files must be deleted before work can continue.
  • Printing:
    Printing to CSSE printers is charged to each student's ICTS account at their standard rates (a sheet printed on both sides is charged as two pages). A separate document gives details on how to print various types of files on CSSE Linux accounts.
  • Internet access:
    is possible from CSSE Linux systems, with charges being billed to the corresponding ICTS account.

ICTS Accounts

Charges are made for disk space on some accounts, printing, and internet access, and wireless traffic.