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CSSE and ICTS Computer Accounts for Staff and Visitors

Every staff member, visitor and guest has one, or more, CSSE and ICTS accounts (and possbly a "COSC0xx" account with ICTS). These accounts should be used properly, as detailed in the CSSE department's Code of Practice on Computer Use and the documents it contains links to. Some orientation procedures and help information for CSSE visitors is also provided.

Staff accounts will be closed if the staff member ceases employment with the University, or with that staff member's permission, or at the request of the Chair of the Facilities Committee. Visitor accounts will be closed one month after they leave, unless otherwise specified.

Accounts are assigned to staff and visitors on the understanding that the Head of Department, Chair of the Facilities Committee or system administrators have restricted access to the files or any other information associated with those accounts. The restriction is that permission, verbal or written (if deemed necessary), will be sought from the person the account is assigned to.


The CSSE department pays directly any costs related to the use of departmental photocopiers and printers, and is also billed by the ICTS department for any charges incurred on "COSC0xx" accounts. These include the use of the ICTS modem pool, any internet traffic to or from an overseas site (which includes normal web browsing, and also downloads of any files from the CSSE web server by an overseas user), and printing on ICTS printers. Also, the CSSE department is charged by ICTS for all email messages sent from and to CSSE accounts.

Charges for Work-related Activities

The department absorbs costs for work-related activities. Staff should familiarise themselves with the various charge rates. Before doing something likely to incur a high cost (say over $100 for a single item), the Chair of the Facilities Committee should be consulted.

Charges for work done on a Research Contract

Where significant charges are incurred in the course of work on a research contract then they should be charged to the research contract. Consult the Chair of the Facilities Committee about how to proceed in this case.

Charges for Personal Activities

In general, the department seeks to recover the costs incurred through personal activities of staff members. In particular:

  • Printing:
    Details of personal printing should be recorded in the notebook in room 206. Colour printing is charged at 11 cents per page; black and white printing at 3.5 cents per page.
  • ICTS charges:
    If a staff member incurs more than 2 or 3 dollars per month in personal ICTS charges, then they should open a "STAFxxx" account with ICTS, and use that for personal ICTS modem access and internet use.
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