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CFP: 2001 IEEE Workshop on High Performance Switching and Routing, May 29-31, 2001 , Dallas, Texas USA

               Deadline approaching: November 30, 2000

                        CALL FOR PAPERS

     2001 IEEE Workshop on High Performance Switching and Routing

                        May 29-31, 2001
                      Dallas, Texas USA

          Sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society

The 2001 IEEE Workshop on High Performance Switching and Routing will
be held in Dallas, Texas, near the "Telecom Corridor" constituted by
Nortel Networks, Ericsson, Alcatel, Nokia, Cisco Systems, and other
major industry leaders.  The 2001 Workshop will include presentations 
on original research in two parallel tracts and a day of tutorials.
While previous workshop have focused on ATM networking, the scope of the
workshops have been continually expanding to switching and routing
aspects of IP, optical networks, and wireless communications.  The
purpose of the conference is to share research, experiences, and ideas
among researchers, developers, and service providers in the field of
data, voice and multimedia communications using ATM, IP, and other
high-speed switching and routing technologies.

Original papers are invited on such topics as (but not limited to):

* ATM networks
* Optical networks
* Gigabit/terabit routers
* ATM/IP integration
* IP/WDM integration
* Programmable networks
* 3G/4G network evolution
* Routing and signaling protocols
* Traffic engineering and control
* Quality of service
* Performance measurement and evaluation
* Network management and operations
* Tariffing, accounting, and charging

Instructions for Authors:

Submissions should be extended abstracts (2000 - 3000 words)
summarizing original work.  A title page should contain the title of
the paper, the authors' name(s), affiliation, address, telephone
and fax numbers, e-mail of the corresponding author.  Electronic
submissions in postscript or PDF are strongly encouraged.
Instructions will be provided on the website:

Questions and submissions may be directed to:
Prof. Thomas Chen
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
PO Box 750338
Dallas, Texas 75275 USA
Tel: +1 (214) 768-8541
Fax: +1 (214) 768-3573
Email: tchen@seas.smu.edu

Proposals for tutorials are also invited.  Proposals should include
a description of the topic, presenter's name and contact information,
and a brief biography.

Important dates:

November 30, 2000    Extended abstracts and tutorial proposals due
February 15, 2001    Authors notified
March 15, 2001       Final camera ready papers (4500 words max.) due

General chair:
Thomas Chen, SMU

Technical Program Co-Chairs:
North America: Daniel Awduche, UUNET
Europe: Heinrich Stuettgen, NEC Europe
Asia: G-S Kuo, National Central University

Local Arrangements Chair:
Kuei Kou, Marconi Communications

Finance Chair/Treasurer:
Bernard Ku, MCI-Worldcom

Publications Chair:
Hakki Candan Cankaya, Alcatel USA

Tutorials Chair:

Technical Program Committee:
G. Armitage, Bell Labs Research
B. Bing, U. Maryland
C. Blondia, U. Antwerpen
T. Braun, U. Berne
B. Butscher, GMD FOKUS
O. Casals, U. Politecnica Catalonia
C-J. Chang, National Chiao Tung U.
A. Choudhury, PMC-Sierra
J. Eberspacher, Munich U. Technology
M. Guizani, U. West Florida
Z. Hulicki, U. Cracow
A. Jajszczyk, U. Mining and Metallurgy
A. Jamalipour, U. Sydney
M. Karol, Lucent Technologies
S. Komandur, Lucent Technologies
S. Kumar, DARPA
C-T. Lea, Hong Kong U. Science and Tech.
L. Mason, Nanyang Technological U.
N. McKeown, Stanford U.
H. Mouftah, Queen's U.
M. Pullen, George Mason U.
G. Reali, U. Perugia
D. Serpanos, ISC FORTH
D. Sung, Korea Adv. Inst. Science and Tech.
V. Trecordi, CEFRIEL
P. Van Mieghem, Delft U. Technology
L. Wolf, U. Karlsruhe
A. Wolisz, Technical U. Berlin
N. Yamanaka, NTT
F. Yegenoglu, COMSAT Laboratories
Z-L. Zhang, U. Minnesota
M. Zitterbart, TU Braunschweig

Advisory Committee:
A. Casaca, IST/INESC
G. Copeland, CSC
J-P. Coudreuse, Mitsubishi
M. Decina, CEFRIEL
G. Dobrowski, Ficon Technologies
D. Dorman, Nortel Networks
B. Goode, AT&T Global Network Services
R. Guerin, U. Pennsylvania
Y. Inoue, NTT Data Corp.
B. Jabbari, George Mason U.
P. Kuehn, U. Stuttgart
A. Leon-Garcia, U. Toronto
L. Mason, INRS-Telecommunications
G. Pujolle, Lab PRiSM
J. Roberts, France Telecom - CNET
M. Schwartz, Columbia U.
H. Stuettgen, NEC Europe
S. Suzuki, NTT
S. Tohme, ENST
R. Vickers, Nortel Networks
S. Walters, Telcordia
S. Weinstein, NEC America
N. Yamanaka, NTT
To members of COSC/EEE/Management research group on networks, 
and anybody else interested in research in this area


		Associate Professor  Krzysztof Pawlikowski

	Department of Computer Science,  University of Canterbury
 			Christchurch, New Zealand
ph.  +(64) 3 3642 987 ext.7772  email:   krys@cosc.canterbury.ac.nz 
fax. +(64) 3 3642 569      URL:     http://www.csse.canterbury.ac.nz/~krys