Abstract for HONS 07/05 - Computer Science and Software Engineering - University of Canterbury - New Zealand
HONS 07/05

Implementation of a Testbed Authentication Architecture for Mobile IP

Edward Okoko
Department of Computer Science
University of Canterbury


Achieving Internet access \anywhere, anytime" is an ideal that much research has been working towards. One aspect of this research is the integration o di erent network technologies such as wireless local area network (WLAN) technologies and third generation (3G) technologies into so- called heterogeneous networks. With such integration, an important issue is handling mobility both within a given network technology and among the various ones. Mobile IP is a standard that supports transparent mobility at the network layer. However, another issue that arises is authentication and authorisation of users. The Mobile IP standard does not adequately address this issue. Proposals for improved authentication architectures for Mobile IP have therefore been made. This document describes the implementation of an authentication architecture prototype that extends the functionality of an existing Mobile IP implementation.

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