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Ph.D. Theses

This page contains an index of Ph.D. Theses produced by students in the CSSE department. Currently, only theses since 1999 are available, but earlier theses may be added to the index later.

Note: Please read the disclaimer and copyright notice that applies to these documents before copying any.

Year Index

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  • PHD 01/16: [PDF: 2584 Kb] [Abstract]
    Economic behaviour & psychological biases in human–computer interaction
    Philip Quinn


  • PHD 01/15: [PDF: 12720 Kb] [Abstract]
    Adaptive Resource Allocation for Wireless Body Sensor Networks
    Ehsan Tabatabaei Yazdi

  • PHD 02/15: [PDF: 7583 Kb] [Abstract]
    Scalable and adaptable security modelling and analysis
    Jin Bum Hong (supervisor: Dr Dong Seong Kim)


  • PHD 01/14: [PDF: 2687 Kb] [Abstract]
    Efficient Algorithms for the Maximum Convex Sum Problem
    Mohammed Thaher

  • PHD 02/14: [PDF: 474 Kb] [Abstract]
    Combining Shortest Paths, Bottleneck Paths and Matrix Multiplication
    Tong-Wook Shinn

  • PHD 03/14: [PDF: 18693 Kb] [Abstract]
    Understanding and Exploiting Spatial Memory in the Design of Efficient Command Selection Interfaces
    Joseph Scarr

  • PHD 04/14: [PDF: 6726 Kb] [Abstract]
    Contributions to modelling of internet traffic by fractal renewal processes.
    Muhammad Asad Arfeen




  • PHD 01/09: [PDF: 5349 Kb] [Abstract]
    Extended Policy-Based Management Framework to Provide Always Best Connected Services in Heterogeneous Mobile Environments
    Mayank Keshariya (Supervisors: Assoc. Prof. Ray Hunt and Dr. Richard Pascoe)

  • PHD 02/09: [PDF: 9123 Kb] [Abstract]
    Understanding and Improving Navigation Within Electronic Documents
    Jason Alexander


  • PHD 01/08: [PDF: 5687 Kb] [Abstract]
    AR Magic Lenses: Addressing the Challenge of Focus and Context in Augmented Reality
    Julian Looser

  • PHD 02/08: [PDF: 3157 Kb] [Abstract]
    Sequential Analysis of Quantiles and Probability Distributions by Replicated Simulations
    Mirko Eickhoff

  • PHD 03/08: [PDF: 4194 Kb] [Abstract]
    Understanding Remote Collaboration in Video Collaborative Virtual Environments
    J¨org Hauber


  • PHD 01/07: [PDF: 3952 Kb] [Abstract]
    Towards Computer-Supported Collaborative Software Engineering
    Carl Cook

  • PHD 02/07: [PDF: 5034 Kb] [Abstract]
    Widening the Knowledge Acquisition Bottleneck for Intelligent Tutoring Systems
    Pramuditha Suraweera (supervisor Tanja Mitrovic)

  • PHD 03/07: [PDF: 3012 Kb] [Abstract]
    Understanding and Improving Object-Oriented Software Through Static Software Analysis
    Warwick Irwin

  • PHD 04/07: [PDF: 11325 Kb] [Abstract]
    A Collaborative Constraint-based Intelligent System for Learning Object-Oriented Analysis and Design using UML
    Nilufar Baghaei (supervisor Tanja Mitrovic)

  • PHD 05/07: [PDF: 1747 Kb] [Abstract]
    Sequential and Parallel Algorithms for Generalized Maximum Subarray Problem
    Sung Eun Bae


  • PHD 01/06: [PDF: 7622 Kb] [Abstract]
    The Temporal Organisation of Documents and Versions: A User-Centred Investigation
    Michael JasonSmith (Supervisors: Associate Professor Andy Cockburn & Associate Professor Tim Bell)


  • PHD 01/05: [PDF: 5283 Kb] [Abstract]
    Collaborative and Multiple-Notation Programming Environments for Children
    Timothy Nicol Wright


  • PHD 01/04: [PDF: 23076 Kb] [Abstract]
    Improved Congestion Control for Packet Switched Data Networks and the Internet
    Aun Haider (Supervisors: Associate Prof. Dr. Harsha Sirisena and Prof. Dr. Krzysztof Pawlikowski)

  • PHD 02/04: [PDF: 1073 Kb] [Abstract]
    Improved Shortest Path Algorithms for Nearly Acyclic Graphs
    Shane Saunders (Supervisor: Prof. Dr Tadao Takaoka)

  • PHD 03/04: [PDF: 3125 Kb] [Abstract]
    Learning Driving Patterns to Support Navigation
    Dejan Mitrovic (Supervisor: Associate Professor W. Kreutzer)


  • PHD 01/03: [PDF: 1047 Kb] [Abstract]
    Intelligent Tutoring Systems: The practical implementation of constraint-based modelling
    Brent Martin (Supervisors: Dr. Antonija Mitrovic and Prof. Dr. Ian Witten)

  • PHD 02/03: [PDF: 5592 Kb] [Abstract]
    Modelling of Self-Similar Teletraffice for Simulation
    Hae-Duck Joshua Jeong (Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Krzysztof Pawlikowski and Dr. Donald McNickle)

  • PHD 03/03: [PDF: 8914 Kb] [Abstract]
    Locally least-cost error repair in LR parsers
    Carl Cerecke


  • PHD 02/01: [PDF: 1416 Kb] [Abstract]
    Bayesian Student Modelling and Decision﷓Theoretic Selection of Tutorial Actions in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
    Dr Michael Mayo (Supervisor: Dr. Antonija Mitrovic)

  • PHD 03/01: [PDF: 1481 Kb] [Abstract]
    Automated Sequential Steady-State Simulation
    Jong-Suk Ruth Lee (Supervisors: Associate Prof. Dr. Krzysztof Pawlikowski and Dr. Donald McNickle)

  • PHD 04/01: (Unavailable) [Abstract]
    A Distributed Cache Architecture for Quality-of-Service Routing in Communication Networks
    Mohammad R. (Supervisors: Associate Prof. Dr K. Pawlikowski and Associate Prof. Dr H. Sirisena)


  • PHD 01/00: [PDF: 1580 Kb] [Abstract]
    Aggregation and Other Patterns of Graphs in Space
    Malathy Naguleswaran (Supervisor: Associate Prof. Dr Wolfgang Kreutzer)

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