Computer Science and
     Software Engineering

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Tanja Mitrovic




B.Eng., M.Sc., Ph.D.


Erskine Building  202

Contact Details

Phone: +64 3 364 2352, Ext: 6352
Fax: +64 3 364 2569

Postal Address

Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering,
College of Engineering,
University of Canterbury,
Private Bag 4800,
Christchurch 8140,
New Zealand.

Undergraduate Courses

COSC265 Relational Database Systems
INFO125 Introduction to Programming with Databases

Graduate Courses

COSC420 Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Research Interests

I am the leader of ICTG (Intelligent Computer Tutoring Group) (see also old Web page).

  • Three of our ITSs are available on the Addison-Wesley's DatabasePlace.
  • The full Windows and Web versions of SQL-Tutor, an Intelligent Tutoring System for SQL, are available.
  • The Web version of KERMIT, an Intelligent Tutoring System for conceptual database design using the ER model, is available.
  • The Web version of NORMIT, an Intelligent Tutoring System for data normalization, is available.
  • CV.
  • My earlier work on INSTRUCT, Object-Oriented GIS and Machine Learning is also available.

Some recent papers:

  • Mitrovic, A., Ohlsson, S., Barrow, D. The effect of positive feedback in a constraint-based intelligent tutoring system. Computers & Education, vol. 60, no 1, 264-272, 2013.
  • Amalathas, S., Mitrovic, A., Ravan, S. Decision-Making Tutor: Providing on-the-job training for oil palm plantation managers. Research and Practice in Technology-Enhanced Learning RPTEL, 7(3), 131-152, APSCE, 2012.
  • Mitrovic, A. Fifteen years of Constraint-Based Tutors: What we have achieved and where we are going. User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction, vol. 22(1-2), 39-72, 2012.
  • Martin, B., Mitrovic, A., Koedinger, K., Mathan, S. Evaluating and Improving Adaptive Educational Systems with Learning Curves. User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction, vol 21, no 3, pp. 249-283, 2011. DOI 10.1007/s11257-010-9084-2, Winner of the 2011 James Chen award for the best UMUAI paper in 2011.
  • Mitrovic, A., Martin, B. Suraweera, P., Zakharov, K., Milik, N., Holland, J., McGuigan, N. ASPIRE: an authoring system and deployment environment for constraint-based tutors. Artificial Intelligence in Education, vol. 19(2), 155-188, 2009.
  • Weerasinghe, A., Mitrovic, A., Martin, B. Towards individualized dialogue support for ill-defined domains. Artificial Intelligence in Education, vol. 19(4), 357-379, 2009.
  • Thomson, D., Mitrovic, A. Preliminary evaluation of a negotiable student model in a constraint-based ITS. Research, Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning, vol. 5(1), 19-33, World Scientific Publishing Company & Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education, 2010.
  • Suraweera, P., Mitrovic, A., Martin, B. Widening the Knowledge Acquisition Bottleneck for Constraint-based Tutors. Artificial Intelligence in Education, 20(2), 137-173, IOS Press, 2010. DOI 10.3233/JAI-2010-0005


Professional activities

Associate editor

Editorial Board Member

Journal reviewer

  • IEEE Intelligent Systems.
  • IJCEELL International Journal of Continuing Engineering Education and Life Long Learning.
  • Computers & Education
  • ACM COmputing Surveys
  • Copmputers in Human Behavior
  • IEEE Transactions on Education
  • Information & Software Technology
  • Interactive Learning Environments
  • Annals of Cases on Information Technology (ACIT).

Program Co-Chair

Member of program committees of the following recent conferences: