What I learnt about learning


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What I learnt about learning




Past members of ICTG

Architecture of the standalone version of SQL-Tutor

PPT Slide

Downloadable Windows version

SQLT-Web: a Web-enabled SQL tutor

Architectures of Web-enabled tutors

Architecture of SQLT-Web

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Student modeling in SQL-Tutor

Advantages of CBM

Extending CBM and SQL-Tutor

Evaluation studies

Extending CBM

Comparison of competence (1998)

Long-term probabilistic student model

Average number of attempts per solved problem

Tailoring hints


Evaluation of SmartEgg

Subjective evaluation

Did you enjoy learning with SQL-Tutor?

Would you recommend SQL-Tutor to other students?

Do you find feedback useful?

Do you find the interface easy to use?

How much did you learn about SQL from the system?

Mastery of constraints

New projects


Author: Tanja Mitrovic

Email: tanja@cosc.canterbury.ac.nz

Home Page: http://www.cosc.canterbury.ac.nz/~tanja

Other information:
This seminar was given on May 10th, 2000, at the University of Canterbury