Espresso Digital Music Stand

The software

Alpha release

At the moment the Espresso digital music stand is still under development; however, you can get prepared for it by converting your music to PDF files and using iTunes to store and index them. Follow this link for a detailed description of how to make your own digital music stand using free software.

If you are interested in being an alpha tester, please contact us. Eventually we plan to release Espresso at a fairly low price (under $50). If you would like to be contacted when it is available (sometime in 2007), then please let us know.

System requirements

  • Espresso is a software-only product, and you can choose what kind of computer to run it on. A Tablet notebook is ideal (portable and easy to put on a conventional music stand), but a laptop works well. If portability isn't important, you can use a desktop machine. A flat-panel display can provide more flexibility if a CRT is too bulky.
  • At present the alpha release of Espresso runs on Windows, but a Macintosh version is planned.