Espresso Digital Music Stand

Welcome to Espresso

Welcome to Espresso Digital Music, home of the digital music stand that is designed by musicians, for musicians.

The Espresso digital music stand is a software product that runs on Windows machines (a Macintosh version is under development). It allows you to file your sheet music on a computer and display it during performance, with convenient page turning options.

The Espresso Digital Music Stand in use

The Espresso Digital Music stand is a software package that has been designed and written by a group of musicians who are also computer programmers. Between them they perform professionally and for fun in many styles of music, including classical, jazz, folk, and rock, and the music stand has been designed to support all of these genres. The prototype system has been used for dozens of professional performances both indoors and outdoors.

Why use Espresso?

  • Take all your music with you --- you can carry your entire repertoire with you in a laptop, or even on a CD or clip drive.
  • Easy to find that music --- you can search your sheet music, or sort it by properties such as name, date, genre, or composer.
  • Easy page turning --- turn the page with a key-press, mouse click or even a foot pedal, using methods that avoid that tense moment when you're playing the last bar on the page but the next page has been displayed.
  • Normal document browsing software (and even music browsing software) does not usually provide the kind of support that a performer needs to find music quickly and turn pages without any fuss.
  • Annotate your music without permanently changing the original.
  • Any kind of music can be displayed, from orchestral scores to chord charts sketched on a paper napkin. If you can scan it, Espresso can display it.
  • Save wear and tear on paper copies of your music, and avoid problems with music being blown around by the wind outdoors.
  • Enable other musicians to "look over your shoulder" by displaying the music on a second screen.