Espresso Digital Music Stand


Where can I get music for the system?

Espresso currently reads in PDF files of music. There are number of ways to obtain these:

  • There are a number of sites that make out-of-copyright sheet music available for download or on CD for free or at a nominal cost, such as:
  • For music on paper, you can capture it with a scanner or digital camera. Your capture software may output PDF files, or you can use Adobe Acrobat to collate images and edit them. There are also web-based services available for producing PDF files. If you are scanning music you should ensure that you are entitled to make an electronic copy.
  • Some on-line music stores sell sheet music in PDF format.
  • You can use the image search facility of a search engine to find scanned music on-line. Limiting the search to black-and-white or gray-scale may help to narrow the search.