This category includes a set of blocks for building railings around balconys and stairs. They come in two styles, plain and fancy.


Railing Usages

The following illustrations show how the various parts are designed to be used.


Placing Balustrades

Balustrades are placed by clicking near the side you want the balustrade to be on.

Balustrade Corners and Newels are placed by clicking near the corner you want the part to be in.

Placing Banisters

Banisters, Banister Transitions and Banister Ends can be placed on either the left or right side of a block space. Together with four rotations, this gives a total of eight possible orientations.

If you are placing the banister on top of a stair block (the usual case), all you need to do is click near the appropriate side, and the banister will orient itself according to the direction the stair is facing.

Otherwise, there are eight zones you can click in as shown below, each of which results in a different orientation of the banister.

If you're having trouble getting the placement you want, you can always left-click with the hammer to cycle through all eight orientations.

Placing Balustrade Ends

The Plain Balustrade End behaves the same way as a banister for the purposes of placement. The easiest way to place one is to click on the end of the balustrade that you want it to connect to.