Window Frames

These blocks let you create nice-looking frames for your windows.


Placing Window Frames

The easiest way to place a window frame is to click on the side of another block, and the frame will be oriented perpendicular to it. You can also click on the top of a block near the edge, and the frame will be oriented parallel to that edge.

Adjacent window frames connect to each other. Once you have placed the first frame, clicking on the edge of an existing frame will give the new frame the same orientation.

To create a division between two frames, right-click on the side of a frame with a Chisel to disable the connection. Right-click with the chisel again to reconnect them.

The Window Corner block is used to create a window that goes around a corner. The best way to place them is to click at the bottom, near where you want the inside of the corner to be, then build upwards by clicking on the top of the previous corner frame to give them all the same orientation.

The Window Mullion block incorporates a permanent vertical framing piece in the centre, allowing a window to be divided in the middle of a block space.


Window frames can be glazed by right-clicking with a vanilla glass pane, either plain or stained. To remove the glazing, right-click on the pane with a Chisel.