Carbide Floodlight

This light runs on acetylene gas produced by dripping water onto calcium carbide. One bucket of water and 64 pieces of carbide will keep it running continuously for 16 minecraft days. The light is turned on by a redstone signal; to conserve fuel, turn it off when it is not in use.

Calcium carbide is produced by mixing bonemeal with charcoal and then heating it in a furnace.

As well as water buckets, you can also use IndustrialCraft water cells and Forestry water cans and capsules as water sources.


Right-clicking on a Carbide Floodlight block opens a GUI for inserting water and fuel.

The top left slot accepts a bucket of water, and the bottom right slot accepts a stack of calcium carbide. If the water tank is empty, it is automatically filled from a bucket placed in the water slot. You can keep one spare bucket in the slot waiting to refill the tank.

The presence of the water drip indicates that the light is active and using fuel.

Pipes and Tubes

When used with mods that have a pipe or tube system, access to the water slot is via the top, and the carbide slot via any side.


Product Ingredients Recipe Notes
Carbide Floodlight
4 cobblestone
3 glass blocks
1 redstone dust
1 gas nozzle

Gas Nozzle
2 iron ingots

Calcium Carbide
1 bonemeal-charcoal mixture

Bonemeal-Charcoal Mixture
1 bonemeal
1 charcoal