IC2 Electric Floodlight

This floodlight runs on IndustrialCraft 2 electric power. It can be turned on by either using its integral switch or applying a redstone signal.

The integral switch is activated by right-clicking; an orange dot appears on the sides when it is turned on this way. This mode is useful if you want to control the light by turning IC2 power on and off instead of using a redstone signal.


Power Usage
1 EU/tick


Product Ingredients Recipe Notes
IC2 Electric Floodlight
4 iron ingots
3 glass blocks
1 redstone dust
1 IC2 floodlight bulb

IC2 Floodlight Bulb
3 glass blocks
2 redstone dust
1 IC2 filament assembly

IC2 Filament Assembly
3 tin cables
2 copper ingots
1 insulated copper cable