Unpowered Floodlight

This is the simplest floodlight to use, since it does not require a power source. However, it achieves its high light output by incorporating rather a large amount of glowstone, making it a little on the expensive side.

To turn it on, apply a redstone signal.

NOTE: In version 1.6.8 and earlier of Greg's Lighting, the crafting recipe for this floodlight was disabled by default. If you are upgrading from an earlier version, you may need to turn it on by setting enableSimpleFloodlight = true in the configuration file (config/GregsLighting.cfg). You can also use this setting to disable the recipe if you feel that this type of floodlight is too powerful.


Product Ingredients Recipe Notes
Unpowered Floodlight
4 iron ingots
3 glass blocks
1 redstone dust
1 glowing alloy ingot
Recipe only available if
enableSimpleFloodlight = true
n configuration file.
Glowing Alloy Ingot
8 glowstone blocks
1 gold nugget