About the Slimophone

The Slimophone's sensitive parabolic microphone can detect the distinctive sound made by slimes from over 100 blocks away. As well as amplifying the sound, it also shows its strength on an easy-to-read bar graph display. By turning around until you find the direction of the strongest signal, you can easily home in on those hard-to-find slimes.

Power to the Slimophone is turned on as long as it's in your inventory, so you are free to do other things, and the audio will alert you when there are slimes in the vicinity. It is very economical on power, so the battery will last a long time. It is turned off when placed in a chest.

To replace the battery, put a new battery beside the Slimophone in a crafting grid like this:

Crafting Chart

The following chart shows the steps required to craft a Slimophone. For detailed recipe information, see the Recipe Reference.