Orescan 150/150C Portable Mining Radar

User's Manual

Congratulations on crafting your Orescan 150 Portable Handheld Mining Radar. This versatile device, when properly used and cared for, will provide you with many years of successful mining. This booklet will teach you everything you need to know to get the most out of your Orescan.

IMPORTANT: Do not use the Orescan 150 as a weapon or mining tool. Although its rugged case will protect it from most everyday knocks and scrapes, repeatedly hitting another object with it will void your warranty and may damage it beyond repair. Always switch to an appropriate tool before beginning to mine.

Basic Operation

The Orescan 150 works by transmitting radio waves and analysing the waves reflected back to build up a picture of the materials in the ground ahead based on their densities. A number of settings can be adjusted to tailor the operation of the device according to the conditions encountered.

On/Off Switch

To conserver battery power, the Orescan 150 should be turned off when not in use. The specially-designed thumb switch will turn it off automatically when you are not holding it.

Status Indicators

Indicators along the bottom of the screen show the following status information:

Range Selection

There are three range settings, selected using the following keys:

Reduce range
Increase range

The range settings are:

Short5 blocks
Medium10 blocks
Long15 blocks

Longer ranges require more transmitting power and therefore reduce battery life, so in normal operation it is recommended that you use a range setting no longer than you need. However, briefly switching ranges can be a useful technique for judging how far away a feature of interest is.

Signal Processing Modes

There are two different ways that the Orescan 150 can translate the strength of the signals it receives signals into an image on the screen.

Discrimination Mode
Linear Mode

Discrimination Mode

Discrimination mode is selected by pressing the M key. In this mode, the brightness of each pixel in the image depends on the maximum density of material present along a line of sight through that pixel. This mode is useful for finding ores, because the more valuable ores tend to be denser and show up clearly against a background of less dense material.

Linear Mode

Linear mode is selected by pressing the L key. In this mode, the brightness of each pixel corresponds to the total reflected signal from that direction. This mode is good for finding tunnels and caverns, which show up as dark areas in a lighter background.

Colour Display (150C Only)

The 150C is equipped with a colour display that provides enhanced contrast between ores of different densities. The colour chart below will help you to identify various substances that you are likely to find underground.







Lapis Lazuli



Battery Replacement

To replace a used battery, put a new battery beside the Orescan 150/150C in a crafting grid, like this:


Dimensions158 x 158 x 15 mm
Weight1.3 kg
Range5-15 blocks
Beam width
90 degrees horizontal; 67.5 degrees vertical
Operating frequency
3.8 GHz
Transmission power
3 W peak; 25 mW average
Display resolution32 x 24 pixels
Refresh rate
20 Hz
Battery1 x AA malic acid cell
Battery lifeShort range 15 min; long range 5 min