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A glitch-fix nanorelease to correct a small problem with the file.


A minor update to fix a few bugs introduced in 0.9.5.

Version 0.9.5

Selley's No More WarningsTM!

Most of the C compiler warnings you used to get when compiling with distutils should be gone now.

Also a big pile of enhancements and bug fixes. See the CHANGES file for details.


Tiny bugfix to correct a tab/space problem in the distutils extension.

Version 0.9.4

LValue Casting Is Dead
I have redesigned the code generator to eliminate the need for lvalue casting. This means that Pyrex-generated code should now be gcc4-compatible, although I haven't tested this. Let me know if you find any remaining lvalue casts; they should be fairly easy to fix now.
C++ Compilable
The generated code should now be compilable as either C or C++ without errors (although there may still be warnings). However, note that you can still only call C++ functions if they have been declared "extern C", even if you compile the Pyrex output as C++. I hope to introduce some C++ interface features soon.

And more...
A slew of other improvements and bug fixes have been made, see the CHANGES.


This version kindly supplied by Giovanni Bajo incorporates patches to work around the following problems:
WARNING: I have not reviewed these patches and have not fully tested this version. Use it at your own risk.

Version 0.9.3

See the CHANGES file for a full list of bug fixes and enhancements.

Version 0.8.2

Bug fixes:

Version 0.8.1

Bug fixes:

Version 0.8

Major new facilities have been introduced for sharing declarations between Pyrex modules.

There is a backwards incompatible change in the way external extension types are declared.

Version 0.7.2

Bug fixes:

Version 0.7.1

New demo added:
Bug fixes:

Version 0.7

New features:


Version 0.6.1

Fixes broken distutils extension.

Version 0.6

New features:

There is one backward-incompatible change, a new syntax for C character literals.

Earlier Versions

Pyrex 0.4.5 has a public declaration for making C variables and functions available to external C code.

Pyrex 0.4.4 now produces tracebacks that show where an error occurred in Pyrex code.

Pyrex 0.4.3 introduces a new kind of for-loop for iterating over ranges of integers at C speed. See the Integer For-Loops section of the Language Overview.

Pyrex 0.4.2 allows any C function to propagate exceptions to its caller, using a new form of declaration. See Error Return Values in the Language Overview.

Pyrex 0.4 includes substantial new features for dealing with declarations in C header files and pre-existing Python types. See the new sections in the Language Overview on External Declarations and External Extension Types .

Graham Fawcett of the University of Windsor has contributed a distutils extension for compiling Pyrex modules, which is included with Pyrex.