Graphical Application Framework

by Greg Ewing



Framework Classes

Classes making up the foundation of the model-view architecture and message handling system.

Abstract Classes

These classes define properties and methods that other PyGUI classes have in common. They are for internal use by the PyGUI framework only. You should not instantiate these classes or derive your own classes directly from them.

Window Classes

Components that appear as top-level windows on the desktop.

User-Defined View Classes

Components with drawing and input-handling methods that you can override.

Control Classes

Components for displaying and editing values.

Layout Classes

Components for arranging other components.

Text Editing Classes

Components for displaying and editing text.

Menu Classes

Classes for creating and manipulating menus and menu items.

Graphics Classes

Classes concerned with drawing 2D graphics in user-defined views.

Support Classes

Non-graphical classes used behind the scenes.

OpenGL Classes

Classes concerned with 3D drawing using OpenGL.

Printing Classes

Classes related to printing support.


Stand-alone functions at the top level of the GUI package.


Functionality provided as submodules of the GUI package.

Example Code