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R. Mukundan

(Ramakrishnan Mukundan)




M.Sc., Ph.D.


Erskine Building  311

Contact Details

Phone: +64 3 369 2201
Internal: 92201
Fax: +64 3 364 2569
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Postal Address

Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering,
College of Engineering,
University of Canterbury,
Private Bag 4800,
Christchurch 8140,
New Zealand.

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Graduate Courses


Research Interests

  • Image Processing and Analysis:
    1. Moment based image features: Moment invariants, Moment spaces, Tchebichef moments, Fast computation of moments
    2. Image and video compression: Discrete orthognal transforms, DCT
    3. Multifractal analysis: Alfa image decomposition, Multifractal spectra, Tissue image classification
    4. Parallel computation: OpenCL implementations
    5. Medical image analysis: HRCT data processing, contour detection, segmentation, 3D reconstructions
  • Computer Graphics:
    1. Real-time rendering: GPU implementations, Spherical harmonic lighting
    2. Non-photorealistic rendering: Painterly rendering, texture based NPR
    3. Crowd simulation: Rendering of large crowds, Behaviour modelling, Acceleration algorithms
    4. Facial expression analysis and recognition: Deformation tables, Expression interpolation
  • Current Projects:
    1. Multifractal and multi-scale analysis of biomedical images
    2. Contour based 3D reconstruction of lung geometry from HRCT images
    3. Crowd simulation using 3D Extended Oriented Bounding Boxes (EOBB)
    4. Parallel computation of multifractal spectra using OpenCL
  • Also see: Computer Graphics and Medical Image Analysis Research Group's Webpage.


Researcher IDs

Professional Affiliations

  • Senior Member, IEEE.
  • Senior Member, Optical Society of America.
  • Member, ACM-SIGGRAPH.
  • Phone: +64 3 369 2777
    Fax: +64 3 364 2569
  • Computer Science and Software Engineering
    University of Canterbury
    Private Bag 4800, Christchurch
    New Zealand
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