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Postgraduate Research Web Page Administration


  1. Provide external (international) access to web pages with information about postgraduate (honours and thesis) students' research work.
  2. Control (and minimize, if possible) the costs to CSSE in terms of:
    Internet charges (e.g. size of files) and administration effort (e.g. accounting, content monitoring, etc.).


  1. These postgraduate "research web pages" should be clearly differentiated from a student's "personal web pages", which are currently accessible only via CSSE authentication, for these reasons:
    • they should contain only research material, possibly associated with one or more research groups, which is accessible from the Internet and all such traffic is charged to the CSSE department;
    • the publishable lifetime of such material is likely to be considerably longer than that of a postgraduate student account;
    • their content should be readily monitored, with due regard to University policies about published material (e.g. it should be appropriate as semi-official university pages).
  2. Accountability and maintenance of the research web pages should rest primarily with each student, with oversight from their research supervisor and occasional monitoring by CSSE systems managers. This implies that each student is responsible for their research web pages, located at an Internet-accessible point on the CSSE web site. After a student leaves the university, their supervisor would take responsibility for the web page. Students should be told: "As with any publication, you would normally want to run it past your supervisor before making it public. You should be aware that this page is your professional face, and should be written with a view to being read by people such as your potential employers, future collaborators, and thesis examiners."
  3. The location (and naming) of the parent directories for each student's "research web pages" should be standardised, so that hyperlinks to them can be easily maintained from other locations on the CSSE web site -- in particular, from the postgraduate student's "People" page and from any associated research groups' pages.
  4. Some capability of assessing whether particular web pages are incurring excessive Internet traffic charges should be available, so that such costs can be readily monitored (e.g. by analysing CSSE web logs when problems appear). The main problem here is likely to be due to very large files, so file sizes may need to be checked regularly.
  5. Students should be encouraged to use these pages. Initially the department could set up a default page (based on the information on our photo board in reception), and then encourage students to update it regularly.
  6. Students should note that our internationally available web pages do not have scripts or executables switched on, and that security can be an issue with these pages.

Proposed Implementation:

The "Research" area of the CSSE web site appears to be the most obvious location for these postgraduate "research web pages" and this area is already open to Internet access. Therefore, it is proposed that a parent "Postgraduate Research" directory be established alongside the "Research Groups" directory, with individual subdirectories for each postgraduate student, named and owned by their usercode (while that is valid), located on the CSSE (Linux) file system at:  /netfs/www/html/research/PG/<usercode>/

Hyperlinks to these web directories would be created from the postgraduate students' "People" page (at least), and from any other pages which they so desired (e.g. research groups, etc.).

It is expected that these directories would be kept as long as deemed desirable (e.g. by the research supervisor), with the ownership being transferred appropriately when the student's account (usercode) is closed.

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