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Research Reports and Theses

Reports and Theses

  • UC Research Repository
    ... Computer Science reports and theses lodged with the UC Research Repository.
  • Technical Reports
    ... technical reports produced by staff in the department. All reports (back to the first in 1987) are indexed, but many before 1995 are not available online yet.
  • PhD Theses
    ... theses presented by students for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree since 1999.
  • Master's Theses
    ... theses presented by students for a Master of Science (MSc) degree since 1999.
  • Honours Research Project Reports
    ... reports presented by fourth-year students for a Bachelor of Science with Honours (BSc(Hons)) degree since 1999.

Reports Manager

  • Reports Manager: Maintain online postgraduate thesis and technical reports -- CSSE staff only.


The following applies to each report or thesis available from the University of Canterbury Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering:

The contents of this work reflect the views of the authors who are responsible for the facts and accuracy of the data presented. Responsibility for the application of the material to specific cases, however, lies with any user of the report and no responsibility in such cases will be attributed to the author or to the University of Canterbury.

This report may contain a research paper, development report or tutorial article which has been submitted for publication in a journal or for consideration by the commissioning organisation. We ask you to respect the current and future owner of the copyright by keeping copying of this article to the essential minimum. Any requests for further copies should be sent to the author.

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