Members of the group


PhD students

  • Amali Weerasinghe: A general model for supporting self-explanation in ITSs
  • Moffat Mathews: A general framework for adapting pedagogical strategies in ITSs
  • Sagaya Amalathas

MSc students

  • Jay Holland: A constraint-based tutor for the Java programming language
  • Sharon Duan: Evalauting multiple representations of open student models
  • David Thomson

Honours Students

  • Aidan Bebbington

Research Students

  • Linda Pettigrew
  • Martin van Zijl

Completed PhD theses

Completed MSc theses:

Completed Honours projects:

Past research assistants:

  • Moffat Mathews (SQL-Tutor)
  • David Thomson (ASPIRE)
  • Jay Holland (NORMIT, ASPIRE, VIPER)
  • Nancy Milik (ASPIRE, VIPER)
  • Karthik Nilakant (SQL-Tutor)
  • Konstantin Zakharov (EER-Tutor, ASPIRE, VIPER)
  • Jason Alexander
  • Lara Rennie (Radiology tutor)
  • Melinda Marshall (NORMIT)
  • Li Chen (NORMIT)
  • Tim Lovell-Smith (Evaluating feedback)
  • Blair Steven (Language Builder)
  • Nilufar Baghaei (SQL-Tutor)
  • Andre Renaud (Windows interface for SQL-Tutor)
  • Kurt Haussler (Web version of SQL-Tutor)
  • Andrew King (Windows interface for SQL-Tutor)
  • Kendrick Elsey (Solaris interface for SQL-Tutor)

A recent photo taken at the ICTG Christmas lunch (12.12.2006)

A photo taken at a gathering at Brent’s place (19.2.2006)


January 2003: Brent and Tanja seating; Konstantin, Amali and Li standing

ICTG Christmas diner (December 2004):

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