Digital Technologies Teaching Resources for NCEA: Programming and Computer Science

Latest update: 25 Aug 2012

Guide to resources

The material that was temporarilly on this page has now all been moved to the NZACDITT collection of resources. This is an extensive collection of material to support teachers using the new Computer Science and Programming standards for NCEA.

We are now condensing this material to an on-line "field guide", which currently covers level 3, with level 2 and 1 material being developed during 2013. The field guide for students is available here: There is also a teacher guide version; instructions for getting hold of it are provided on the field guide site.

Draft resources for feedback

The following documents have been prepared by students at the University of Canterbury to support teaching the new Achievement Standards in Programming and Computer Science. The students need feedback from teachers on the suitability of the resources; we'd particular appreciate any feedback by 21 May 2011. Please send any thoughts to Tim Bell