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Computer Accounts for Undergraduates

Undergraduate Accounts

Every undergraduate CSSE student has separate computer accounts with both the CSSE and ICTS departments. These accounts must be used according to the CSSE Student Policies on computer use and all the references linked therein.

Accounts for undergraduate students are closed according to their Account Details in 'My IT Account' online:, or upon withdrawal from the University.


All undergraduate students receive a free Internet from ICTS.

The default ICTS disk quota, i.e. how much disk space you have to store files on P: drive, is 50.0 GB. Students receive this allowance automatically once their enrolment is confirmed and their ICTS account is created. The CSSE disk quota for home directories (H: drive) of undergraduate students enrolled in CSSE is also 50 GB .


Students are responsible for paying all charges incurred. All computing charges are made to the student's ICTS account.

Photocopying may be done in the Copy Centre in the main Library (James Hight) or on the Multi Function Devices in various places in the building and collected using your student ID card and is charged at the normal ICTS rates.

Printing on CSSE printers is managed and charged by the ICTS department

If students require access to a facility that they are normally not allowed they should ask the Chairman of the Facilities Committee. For tutoring work, students should get the lecturer or CSSE administrator to do any photocopying that is required, and use the appropriate tutor's account for printing.

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