Abstract for HONS 03/02 - Computer Science and Software Engineering - University of Canterbury - New Zealand
HONS 03/02

3D Games as Motivation in Fitts' Law Experiments

Julian Looser
Department of Computer Science
University of Canterbury


Traditional Fitts' Law evaluations in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI) often use artificial applications to collect data from participants. This report presents an investigation into the viability of using computer games as a basis for Fitts' Law experiments. Such a possibility is intriguing because it helps to overcome a fundamental problem in HCI research: evaluation participants are a scarce and precious resource. The entertainment provided by games may be sufficient incentive for people to be willing participants in evaluations.

We propose and implement a 3D game based mouse selection test, and report on an experiment which shows that the test can be reliably modelled by Fitts Law. Subjective responses indicate that the test is both fun and motivating. We then suggest possible applications of the new test in the area of bimanual input research, and in various 3D navigation tasks.

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