Espresso Digital Music Stand

About us

Who we are

Espresso digital music is a group of musician/programmers with a common interest of creating a digital system to make the management of sheet music simpler for musicians as the practise, rehearse and perform. The main people involved in the project come from the US, UK, France and New Zealand. They play many styles of music, from Bach to Bacharach, Mozart to Monk, Beethoven to the Beatles. Their goal is to make sure that Espresso works well for each style of music.

Tim Bell

Tim Bell Tim is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Canterbury, and is a keyboard player in his spare time. His favourite composer is Bach and he's a qualified pipe organist, but these days he mainly plays jazz and dance music.

Since the early 90's he has been involved in research on Optical Music Recognition, Pen Based music input, and reading music on computer screens.

Dave Blizzard

Dave Blizzard Dave is a programmer, teaches computing, and plays a variety of instruments including mandolin and steel drums.

He is based in Portland, Oregon. He is part of the "Green Dog County Band", which play the kind of music you'd expect from a band with a name like that.

David Bainbridge

David Bainbridge David is a senior lecturer at the University of Waikato. He has worked as a research engineer for Thorn EMI (London), and left in 1993 to undertake a PhD in optical music recognition. He has since been involved in developing digital library systems, including music digital libraries. He has published in the areas of image processing. music information retrieval, digital libraries, human computer interactions, data compression, and text mining. His main instrument is guitar.

Richard Green

Richard Green Richard is a lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Canterbury. His area of expertise is image processing. His main instrument is piano.